Mainstream or Special School?

special-schoolChoosing what school any child should go to can be difficult. But when your child has special needs or learning difficulties, making the right decision is vital.

However, if your child has the option to go to either Mainstream or Special School, this decision becomes even harder.

You want your child to be happy, but there is that underlying fear that if they go to special school this may in some way hinder them when they’re older.

We fear that by sending them into special education, they may not be able to achieve their goals.

It is important to realise that this decision is a decision that is completely dependent on the individual child. So what might be best for one child won’t be best for another.

I have chosen with my son so far, to keep him in mainstream education. Because at the moment he is happy and he is making friends and progressing (albeit slowly).

However, I am open to the idea of special school, so if he becomes unhappy or just can’t manage in mainstream then I will send him

Learning Processes for Kids

19652843-School-kids-work-at-lesson-Teacher-controling-learning-process--Stock-PhotoCAPD or central auditory processing disorder is a medical condition that affects over 5% of school going kids whose brains are not able to process what is heard, thereby resulting in a mixture of words and interpretations. However, these kids may not necessarily have hearing impairment.

Symptoms of CAPD

  • Is your kid disturbed by sudden or loud noises or a noisy environment?
  • Is there confusion in your kid understanding what you say?
  • Do you observe any speech delay?
  • Does s/he have trouble learning phonics or reading?
  • Is s/he unaware of her/his misunderstanding of words?

Since these are symptoms to be watched out for central auditory processing disorder, you should act immediately if you notice any of these in your child.

Have a Strategy and Approach to combat CAPD

Strategies at school and home can certainly ease certain aspects of your child’s behavior and problem.

As a parent, you can:

  • Make sure your home is calm without unwanted noises, as your kid already has difficulty in hearing in the midst of noise.
  • Teach your kid to look

Tips For Effective Annuity Education

manadvisorcouplemi600-resize-600x338People today are not very sure about the different finances there are including annuities. It is important to understand the basics and learn about the right Annuity Education in order to get ahead. Those who have all of the right information ahead of time are going to be able to get the very best results. Start with these great tips in order to gain the right amount of knowledge and get the right boost and earn some extra income on the side in no time at all.

When an actual annuity comes along, people often have no idea what they are going to do with it. This is why having the right education as well as knowledge is going to be so handy. Those who have been taught the right skills will know what they need to do when everything falls into place. Otherwise individuals are going to be waiting around for a very long time hoping to get the right payment that is needed.

Those who really need some help when it comes to Annuity Education will have professional

Special School for Children

Mental illnesses range from autism to cerebral palsy to Down syndrome. Mental retardation refers to a condition in which a person faces certain limitations related to his or her mental functioning and also in skills like communication and social interaction. These limitations allow a child to develop and learn a bit slower than the normal children.

Children with mental challenges can take longer to walk, speak and care about their personal routine that covers eating or dressing. They even have trouble keeping up with the usual syllabus in school. They need to catch up with the important training programmes and learn slowly and there are things that they cannot learn or pick-up.

Symptoms to Look For

Mental retardation is not some contagious disease but has several signs to consider. Children with special mental needs display symptoms, such as sitting, crawling or walking late. They also talk late or have problems while speaking. Such kids find difficulty in remembering and understanding things or social rules. They face issues in trying to interpret the result of their actions. They also face challenges in solving problems and thinking logically.

87 percent of those suffering from mental disabilities


Vocational Training for People With Disabilities

The central government of India has launched various initiatives to inculcate the entrepreneurship skills in differently-abled people. These public schemes include Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme, skill training at national institutes, Scheme for Implementation of Persons with Disabilities and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped. In this regard, a national action plan has been launched to ensure the proper implementation of these abovementioned initiatives.

Developing Employable Skills in the Population

Today, the government faces the main challenges of developing employable skills in people with physical and mental limitations and to ensure gainful employment for them. According to 2011 census, there are about 2.68 Crore of differently-abled in India whose job requirements are not met. One of the major reasons is that 68 percent of the Indian population inhabits the rural areas while their conditions are aggravated from poverty considerations and inaccessible health services.

Connecting Them to Markets and Skills

The number of persons with disabilities living in these areas, are actually disconnected from markets and skills. A financial safety net is ensured for them through vocational training for people with disabilities and it offers them a reason to rejoice for their economic independence. Better employment

Special Education

I remember 20 plus years ago when I was getting my graduate degree in Special Education and a buddy of mine getting his degree in elementary education told me that his father, a school principal, said that I probably shouldn’t waste my time getting a masters in Special Education. He said that Special Education would be eventually fading out of public education. I was almost done with my masters at this point so I figured I would have to take my chances with it, besides what other choice did I have anyways at that point?

I got a Special Education job and taught for about 10 year. There were a lot of ups and downs over those 10 years, and eventually I decided that I wanted a change so I got certified and switched over to high school history. At this point in my career I remembered what my friend had said a decade ago and wondered if I was ahead of the curve on schools no longer needing special education teachers, even though it was 10 years later. I wondered if my job was now safe in my new-found home in the history department.

Special Education and the Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration means working with an individual or a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Its importance is most visible in education. Every day, teachers work together with their peers, school counselors, and other staff for the success of each student. And when it comes to special education, collaboration becomes the single most important thing for a teacher.

A teacher for special education has to collaborate with school administrators, general education teachers, school therapists, psychologists, and parents and guardians. Students with mild disability have now been included in regular classroom teaching, according to the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA) Act. This has led to general and special education teachers working together, often with the help of the best fun educational apps. The role of the educator in a general classroom, involves teaching the curriculum and assessing and evaluating special children. It’s important that a the educator brings in a set of personal skills to enhance student learning. Skills of both the general teacher and the special educator should come together to help a student.

A special educator has to work closely with the school management. It’s a vital part of the

Schools Are Now Using Apps for Autistic Children

Finding the correct educational setting for people with autism spectrum disorder is quite challenging. And while trying to provide the minimum restrictive learning environment, these students are often placed in classrooms where they may do their work, but only with additional support. This makes teaching and self-monitoring all the more important as the society strives to help students with autism spectrum disorder.

Recently, a group of scientists in Kentucky, used an Apple iPad app as part of an intervention for increasing self-monitoring for five autistic students in their science classes. All these children had moderate to mild intellectual disabilities. The goal of the scientists was to improve the autonomy of autistic children in problem solving activities, linked to their science class on that day. The app for autistic children that the scientists used was made by their own research team. The makers described the app as a routine board marker which has prompting tools for helping users with their daily tasks. The app for autistic children could develop activity timers, checklists, work pads etc. The app, in fact, could develop a communication board using this system.

Over the next couple of weeks, each autistic child was

Interesting Facts About the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is an ultimate event for intellectually challenged individuals for encouraging their sporting capabilities. This sporting initiative is held once every two years. There are several interesting facts features that can be highlighted here.

This biggest sporting competition for such individuals was held in Los Angeles from July 25th to August 2nd 2015, California (The largest event in LA since the 1984 Olympic Games). The games were the brainchild of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of former US President John F Kennedy and mother of journalist and activist Maria Shriver. Sighting the physical capabilities of her differently abled sister Rosemary, Eunice saw sports as a common platform for uniting people from all walks of life. She had a vision of creating space where intellectually challenged people could participate and compete by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

The first ever Special Olympics were held at Chicago, Illinois, in June 1968. Over 1,000 athletes participated in swimming and track and field events. Now, nearly half a century later, literally it has transcended into a movement which transforms and empowers lives.

Here are 10 interesting points related to this sporting initiative:-

  1. Olympics

How Can Parents Help Their Children

Remove the fear

It is important for the parent to talk to their child and explain as simply as they can what they have learned about dyslexia. To talk about it in positive terms and to remove the fear and depression that often sets in when a child is given that label. Often dyslexic children experience feelings of alienation amongst their peers in class and it is essential that their home provides them with a safe haven where the family at least understands and can give support. It must be a place where they can talk freely without criticism and without ridicule. A place where they can express their feelings and emotions and be given guidance.

Story time

Even though reading may be an issue, the process of reading with their child should be made a special time. This is a time when parent and child can bond and share experiences based around the book that is being read. To begin with it may well be that the parent has to do all the reading, with the child looking on.

This is still a very valuable experience because the story can be talked

Tips for Successful Implementation of CRM at Schools

As public funding for higher education keeps on declining, admission officers are experiencing the pressure to increase the enrollment and retention rate. Since most public funding options are related to enrollments, it’s imperative to keep each program or course completely filled. Unfilled seats lead to missed opportunities and less resources for schools.

On account of increase in competition, getting students through different entryways – and keeping them in classrooms – is harder than any time before. That is the reason more schools are investigating the capability of implementing Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The thought process behind this investigation is to:

• Leverage the power of technology to identify and engage with prospective students
• Make a high quality first impression with prospects that can build excitement
• Establish relationship with students till they become an alumni

However, like any other technology implementation, the way for effective CRM implementation and integration requires a lot of time, effective planning, and all around strategic thinking.

If you are looking to get the most out of CRM implementation at your school, then here are five tips to consider:

1. Effective planning

Technology is an engine

Effective Tips To Teach Math

Slow learners are not any different from the normal students in their intellectual abilities except that they are too distracted and the normal teaching methods do not help them comprehend what is taught. This is why you need special teaching methods for them. When appropriate method is adopted with adequate understanding and support from parents and teachers, these slow learners can turn out to be highly successful in all aspects of life.

There are several approaches and techniques that involve individual and group teaching based on the learning ability of a child, some of which are used by programs of learning centers for such children. These centers have specially trained teachers who use specialized software tools and teaching methodologies to make math and numbers more interesting. Here are five effective tips that professionals believe can help teach math for slow learners:

Practical Lessons: Even normal students do not enjoy confined space for learning and it’s a higher challenge with slow learners. One of the best ways to get math into the child’s head is to make him do little additions, subtractions or multiplications that involve people, things, flowers, fruits, and other practical things that surround him

How to Evaluate Reading Programs Kids

Identifying the best program for kids with learning disabilities has been one of the major challenges for parents. After all, it’s the responsibility of parents to help their children face the practical challenges of life and find their own space in the society. Experts have identified and invented specific methods of teaching these kids with software tools, one-on-one reading and customized teaching programs, all of which are known to help such kids deal with their comprehension and word identification problems effectively.

Individual-Specific Reading Programs

A wide range of programs have been designed and developed to help kids who struggle with writing and reading due to dyslexia and related issues. There are different specialized programs that focus on different skills, such as reading, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and spelling. Based on your child’s requirement and with professional assistance, you would be able to execute the best choice for your kid.

Development of Word Recognition Skills

Several programs of word recognition and phonics with specific instructions have been developed and integrated by experts to help kids with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Specific focus on vocabulary, phonics and work recognition aids in building a

How Can Parents Help a Slow Learner at Home?

Parental guidance is one of the most significant aspects that determine the success of a child. This becomes even more crucial for a child who suffers from slow learning and related challenges. Lack of appropriate parental support and understanding could result in extreme frustration and social troubles in a child who has learning disabilities.

Is Your Child a Slow learner?

If you have ever received complaints about your child being very distracted or not interested or too slow in learning or writing, your child could be clinically classified as a slow learner. Though he or she possesses the basic academic skills, his/her IQ level would be slightly lower than that of a normal child, which creates challenges in processing certain numbers or words.

What should parents do?

The first step to help a slow learner is to accept the child with the shortcomings. It is essential to understand that slow learning is not a medical condition. Hence, it does not always require special education. However, it requires special attention and care with enormous patience, encouragement, complete trust, and faith in the child’s success.

The following are some of the simple steps that

Continuing Your Own Education

You have already been given many of the instruments you need to succeed through the marketing education provided, but as you know, learning is an ongoing process. This is especially true in the ever changing world of online marketing. As new systems are developed and old ones are altered and updated, it is crucial to stay abreast of changes to make the most of your marketing platform.

You’re already well on your way to being an automatic millionaire as the entrepreneur behind your home-based business. The trick to keeping that momentum going is to keep learning new tricks. Though you are already set to Learn to Earn With Alex and Tera, you have to take the initiative to continue to educate yourself on the tricks of the trade as they change almost daily. In fact, this is a good task to include as part of your daily activity meant to drive you to success.

Early to Rise

This is a useful site as it is geared towards helping people just like you – entrepreneurs who have their own home-based business. There are new tips every day, making it the perfect way to start your business

Kids Educational Christmas Activities

The month of December in theory is three weeks of prime teaching time, a solid hunk of time that is perfect for a self contained unit. The students however are extra busy at home and totally focused on the upcoming holiday and vacation. One trick teachers might try to master is how to use Christmas themes for holiday assignments without sacrificing their curriculum. Students appreciate math worksheets, with a holiday theme, Christmas and Hanukkah themes for writing topics, and the opportunity to play some quality holiday games during their lessons and for homework. Teachers will enjoy devising effective ways to incorporate some kids educational Christmas activities, as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa assignments into their lesson plans for December. This article will touch on a few useful tips teachers can use to keep December academic.

One useful tip for bringing holiday fun into the classroom is with the creative use of color. Running off worksheets on red or green, blue or silver paper that matches the appropriate December holiday will excite the younger students and bring a smile to older ones. Using holiday themed bookmarks as a place to also record their independent reading progress is

Tips to Consider in Choosing Toddler Educational Toys

The toddler years are the most fascinating stage of a child. They grow faster and acquire new things like a sponge. These toddlers are a proverbial thing of energy.Gone are the days of feeding your baby with mashed potatoes with an open mouth. You always see them running and galloping all around the house, poking into almost everything that they can get their hands on. They react to all the stimuli around them like they are ” little adults”. Toddlers are said “to have a mind of their own”. They now know how to define the things they prefer and they do not like. About the time that children learn to walk, they also learn to form their own opinions. At this magnificent toddler years, children can decide on things and this include the toys he or she can use during play.

Educational toys can inspire children and give them the confidence that they need. These types of educational toys are the best choice to foster the learning and psychomotor skills of your children. Toddlers are very eager to explore and conquer all types of physical activities and their curiosity drives them to scrutinize things. The

Tips For An Online Accounting Education

If you have decided to pursue an online accounting education, there are some things that you need to know. Earning your accounting degree online is great because you can usually work at your own pace and there is no travel involved. But you need to know that it can be challenging also. You have to be motivated and a self learner. If you are the type of person that cannot move forward without someone telling you exactly what to do, then online learning may not be for you. But if you are motivated and can complete tasks on your own, then online accounting education may be the perfect fit for you. Read on to discover some helpful tips that will make it easier to obtain an online accounting degree.

Tip number one is learning computer skills. Become tech savvy. Accountants utilize computer software to do all of their accounting tasks these days. So the more you know about a computer, the better you will be.

Tip number two is to make sure that the online college that you choose is fully accredited. Confirm that any college credits that you receive from your online college are

Tips for How to a Job As a Special Education Teacher

As an elementary school principal for 11 years, I hired many teachers. I also witnessed how the district and fellow administrators went about hiring their teachers.

I have some tips for how to get a job as a Special Education Teacher.

Tip Number One – Excel at Student Teaching

This is my number one recommendation for landing a job as a special education teacher, because administrators want teachers who have demonstrated the ability to teach. If you don’t do well in student teaching and related field experiences, you stand a very low chance of being hired.

Administrators want teachers who know how to do two things:
1. Manage the classroom, meaning very few discipline referrals
2. Teach the children using best practice teaching strategies
3. Work as a team player, bringing good work habits, collaboration and knowledge to the table

Tip Number Two – Get great recommendations

You need recommendations from at least two cooperating teachers (the most important), one college professor, and an employer that you’ve had for at least six months. Job experience is important, particularly job experience in the area of working with children and particularly working with children

Forex Trading Tips for Full Time Success

Trading the Forex market successfully generally takes much longer than most traders would like it to. With all the misinformation and over-hyped trading systems floating around on the internet these days, it can be very difficult to get your trading career started on the path to consistent profits. You will need some guidance as you wade through the near endless amount of Forex websites that are trying to sell you ineffective indicator-based trading systems or over-priced trading software. Let’s take a look at some solid Forex trading tips that will provide you with some insight as you learn to trade Forex.

• Trade only with money you can afford to lose. Many beginning traders make the mistake of using money they really shouldn’t be risking in the markets. If you risk money that you really can’t afford to lose, you are going to be starting from an emotional mindset, and this will basically doom your chances of achieving forex market success.

• Don’t over-trade. Aspiring FX traders also often make the mistake of trading too much. This generally stems from not having an effective trading strategy, or having one but not having it “mastered”. To avoid